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The First Apparitions

Before the apparitions in Anguera began, Pedro Régis had been suffering seizures without a medical explanation for about 18 months. The several doctors he had seen could not diagnose any infirmity. He underwent many neurological and cardio exams. The doctors told him that he was completely normal. It was a time of great distress for his parents and his family. According to his description, he would feel sick and would faint, returning to consciousness some time later without showing any sign of sickness.

On September 29, 1987, Pedro Régis was returning from school where he was studying to be a teacher in the town of Bonfim de Feira, near Anguera. As he got off the bus, in front of a little school near his house, he did not feel well. A friend, Celestino Silva Santa Cruz, who was walking with him, hurried to find Pedro's family members for help. At that moment, feeling that he was going to faint, Pedro Régis sat down on the ground without noticing that he was very close to an anthill. Then a young woman appeared – he thought it was a nun from the neighborhood who had moved to Italy – she seemed to be about twenty years old, dressed in white, with a white veil covering her face. Approaching him, she said: "I will help you. I will get you off of the anthill." With much ease, taking him by his arms, she raised him, and according to his account, as he did not feel his legs were firm enough to walk, she took him to the entry hall of the little school which was located about 300 meters from his house. The school still exists in that location. From that point, Pedro does not remember what happened.

Some time later, his family members arrived and found him unconscious. When he become conscious again, he asked for the young lady who had helped him. They did not understand what he is talking about, neither did he understand what happened. An interesting fact is that Pedro's body was coverd with ants, but he had no bites at all. 

On October 1, 1987, Pedro was talking with his sisters in their bedroom and a young woman appeared to him. He recognized her as the one who helped him a few days before. The young lady asked that his sisters leave the room. She spoke to him, gave him a message, and asked him not to reveal it to anyone until she authorized it. She asked him to pray the Rosary every day and to look for a priest. Pedro started to realize that it was an apparition, but he still doubted that it might just be his imagination.

On the October 3, 1987, a month dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, the family was praying the Rosary together when Pedro heard a feminine voice coming from outside the house. He asked one of his sisters to check on it. When she returned, she said that there is no one outside. He heard it a second time. Another of his sisters went outside to check and found no one. He heard the voice a third time and Pedro himself went outside to verify if there is anyone calling. Not far from the porch of the house was a hill, and Pedro saw an intense light and was compelled to walk to the hill. He hurried there. His family was confused and tried to  keep him from moving forward. They thought he might want to commit suicide by throwing himself into the small lake next to the hill. His sister Valdeci, however, also saw a light on that place. Another sister, Iraci, holding him by his clothes, asked the family members to let him go, and she accompanied him. Upon arriving at the place, he was disappointed because the intense light disappeared. When he turned around, suddenly the young woman that he saw previously appeared to him surrounded by a great light. He was compelled by a strange force to kneel down in front of her. Then the young woman introduced herself: "Don't be afraid. I am the Mother of Jesus. I am here because I need you to help my poor children who need My assistance." The young Lady tells Pedro that now he was cured from the seizures. She asked him to return to that place every Saturday. 
On Saturday. October 10, 1987, the Queen of Peace appeared, gave him a message, and asked the seer to write it down. It is the first message to the public that Our Lady gave in Anguera. 

The message follows below: 

"I am the Queen of Peace and I want all my children be at my side to fight the great evil that could come to the world. In order for this evil not to happen, you should pray and have faith. My children, I desire the conversion of all as soon as possible. The world is in great danger and to free you from this danger you need to pray, to convert and to believe in the Word of the Creator. Praying you will find peace for the world. My children, many of you go to Church, but do not go with a clean heart or go without faith. Many go to show that they are Catholic. That is a great error. You need to follow one path: the Truth. There are some that have not learned to forgive, but you need to forgive your neighbor. Enmity is the work of Satan, and he is happy when he can separate a brother from another. That is the reason that I ask with all my burning Heart: convert, pray and learn to forgive your neighbor."
In this manner, the apparitions of Our Lady Queen of Peace began two decades ago in that holy place. "She never failed," says the seer. To this day, this extraordinary phenomena happens at that place without anyone knowing the date for it to end, not even Pedro Régis.

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Our Lady Queen of Peace
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